Five Good Reasons to Eat Sardines

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Mackerel is not such a sustainable choice due to over fishing Sardines are high in brain boosting Omega 3 fatty acids They are rich in protein They have loads of calcium as well as all the B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc Sardines are delicious brushed with olive oil and some sea salt and…

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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This Victorian saying has recently been given new relevance. A study in the BMJ concludes that prescribing an apple per day to adults over fifty would prevent or delay around 8,500 deaths from cardiovascular complications. Part of the reason for this is because of the natural phenolic compounds with antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects. Of…

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Do You Have Anterior Knee Pain?

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Pain at the front of the knee and under the kneecap is a frequent complaint we see at Bodies Under Construction…

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Why Eat Mushrooms?

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Mushrooms contain beta glucans which are complex fibres from the cell walls of plants, fungi, yeasts and bacteria. They can be used as a preventative measure to help boost natural immunity and kick start the body’s own defence system. Beta glucans pass through stomach acid unscathed to activate the innate immune system. This is done…

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How to avoid the post-lunch energy dip

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Afternoon fatigue is a common complaint. One of the most common causes is post-lunch blood sugar dips, related to your inability to effectively burn fat. By switching your body over from primarily burning carbs to primarily burning fats for fuel or becoming “fat adapted,” you virtually eliminate such drops in energy levels. You can do…

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When organic is best

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A study conducted at the University of Barcelona was able to show that organic tomatoes contain higher levels of polyphenols than conventional tomatoes. Polyphenols are natural plant antioxidants that are of great nutritional value because by eating them the risk of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases may be reduced, as well as some forms of cancer.…

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Is it Just Muscle Soreness or an Injury?

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One of our patients, James, at our Chiswick clinic, recently started a weight training program and asked our Physiotherapist about the intense soreness in his legs following squat and lunge sessions – he was unsure if this response was normal or if there was an injury involved. It is extremely common to experience periods of…

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Summary – Sitting Stretch and Mobility Series

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If you have been following our recent blog updates you will be in the loop with our Sitting Stretch and Mobility Series. A series of videos demonstrating a host of daily stretches to release the aches and pains so common in those of us who are seated throughout the day. We thought it would be…

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Why eat seaweed?

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Sea vegetables have been eaten for centuries by Asian cultures, particularly Japan. The ancient Chinese considered the sea vegetable a delicacy to be given to guests of honour. Outside of Asia, many nations by the water have learned how mineral-rich seaweed is. In fact it contains virtually all the minerals found in the ocean and…

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Neck – Sitting Stretch and Mobility Series

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If you find yourself sitting for most of the day you may find that you frequently suffer from aches and pains. One way to help relieve these aches and pains is to set some time aside each day to do a series of simple stretches. These stretches are designed so they can be done anywhere…

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