Top 5 tips when buying new running trainers!

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Thinking of buying some new running trainers soon? Give these tips a read before you head to the shop!

By Mike Davis, Physiotherapist

Runners depend so heavily on their trainers, so it is important to make sure they are the pair for you. Everyone is biomechanically different, so there is no one size fits all approach to picking out a pair of trainers, so follow these tips next time you go to pick out a new pair of running trainers!

  1. Don’t make a big change in footwear – If you are using a stability shoe don’t make a big sudden change to a minimalist shoe. Any change in running footwear needs to be gradual to avoid injury.
  2. Be guided by comfort – If you go to a running shoe shop, try several pairs and be guided by what feels the most comfortable. Remember you are making the final decision and not the person trying the sell the shoes to you!
  3. Try and go lighter – Where possible try and go lighter. Evidence shows that lightweight running shoes are associated with increased running efficiency.
  4. Have a variety of running shoes – Try and have a variety of running shoes if possible. Evidence shows that this creates more variation in loading which can reduce your risk of picking up an overuse injury.
  5. Don’t let your shoes become worn out – Current evidence shows your running shoes should last no longer than 500 miles so don’t let your shoes become worn out as this could lead to injury!

It may also be worth looking into having a GAIT analysis and running analysis to see what kind of support you would benefit from. We can do this in clinic, so get in touch to find out more! We also have connections with some running shoe shops, so can do your analysis and send our findings across to them to help them pick out the right shoe for you!

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