Back Pain. Stop Letting it Control Your Life: Discover How Physiotherapy Can Help

Back Pain Treatment

Overall, back pain is a common problem that can affect anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Seeking the help of a Physiotherapist is crucial if your pain is severe, persistent, or limiting your daily activities.

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How to finally put an end to back pain!

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Struggling with back pain? Let’s finally put an end to that!

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12 Back Pain Tips

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Struggling with back pain? Here are 12 tips on how to deal with back pain!

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4 Back Pain Myths

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Struggling with back pain? Here are 4 myths we want to debunk!

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7 Mistakes made when dealing with back pain

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Struggling with back pain? Here are 7 mistakes you might be making when dealing with your back pain!

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back pain

In the current series of blogs we’ve had a real focus on Back Pain. So common at the moment with the UK in LOCKDOWN. More people are working from home. Some are not working at all as their workplace is closed. We have less opportunity by default to move. Simply because we are not walking…

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Is your BACK in Lockdown too? 4 Back Pain Myths and 5 top Cures talked about here!

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At Bodies Under Construction we see a LOT of clients struggling with back pain and I mean a lot! At least 75% of our week, every week, is filled with people who have bad back. We see people with achy backs through to those in agony who literally drag themselves in to the clinic.

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Julie’s Story of HOPE (Severe *Back* Pain) – Helped Via Online Physio Consultation

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As the “lock down” continues many people out there are still struggling with all kinds of aches and pains. There is good news and Physio help is available via a Physio Telephone or Video Consultation. We have been getting a few emails this week from people asking for advice as they are now having to work…

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7 Great things to do in South West London if you didn’t have Back Pain

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Living in the South West London means you can walk along the Thames, explore the region’s past and hike through parks filled with natural beauty. But if you’ve got back pain – then it becomes tough (and almost impossible) to enjoy all that South West London has to offer.

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Revealed: A 30 Second Self-Test
 And the #1 Single Best Exercise for Relief of Sciatica


Do you (or someone you know) suffer from pain, numbness or tingling in your legs, feet, buttocks or lower back? If you do and you are looking for natural and permanent relief, then here are 2 valuable tools to help you…….. Recently I have seen a increasing number of patients with Sciatica and BACK pain…

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