Julie’s Story of HOPE (Severe *Back* Pain) – Helped Via Online Physio Consultation

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As the “lock down” continues many people out there are still struggling with all kinds of aches and pains. There is good news and Physio help is available via a Physio Telephone or Video Consultation. We have been getting a few emails this week from people asking for advice as they are now having to work from home for the first time. If you are anything like me, and maybe you don’t have the best posture when sitting at your make shift desk at the dining room table on a chair that is SOOO uncomfortable?!

One of our lovely patients, Julie, contacted us after spending the previous week sitting at her kitchen table working on her laptop, for 8 hours each day in virtual meetings and rarely getting up and out of her chair –  even for a coffee break!!!  She commented “isn’t this meant to be self isolation and not torture”

Julie has been experiencing  back “niggles” for a while and but had never done anything about them as she thought “it will be okay” and “its not stopping me from doing anything”!!  Well this came back to bite her in the bum – literally!!!  All week her back had been getting progressively worse, until she tried to get off the sofa on Friday night and her back “locked”. She thought the glass of wine she had been drinking would have helped it relax but it was not to be. 

After a painful and very restless sleep, she told me she struggled to get out of bed the next day. So much so, her husband had to help her get dressed and make sure she got down the stairs safely!.  Painkillers weren’t touching it, she was struggling to stand up straight and was having pain deep into her bum cheek. Sitting down was a mission and so uncomfortable, that she was in tears at points as she was unable to find a position that the pain would go away.

Julie emailed me late on Friday night as not only was she in pain but she was fearful that there would be no help for her as the clinic was closed.  I suggested that we do a video chat on Saturday morning.  She was sceptical on how this would work if I couldn’t get my hands on her.

We jumped on a video chat the next day and I could see not only the pain across her face, but the pure exhaustion from not having slept properly for the last two nights. I could quickly assess from watching her movements (or lack there of!) what was going on and we set about going through a series of movements that quickly helped ease the pain, and restored some movement! We then went through a series of stretches and release exercises to help relax the muscles and to get the joints moving better.

After the session, Julie was able to sit and stand up straight, still has some discomfort but she had exercises to help her until our next session. Something that did really strike me, she said “I didn’t know you could help so much without even touching me! I thought I would be like this until the clinic opened again and I don’t know how I would have coped”. 

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What you’ve just read is a *pretty extreme* case of back pain.

And often occurs due to “procrastination” (putting off going to see the right people…)…but in addition at this time, most people just assume that nothing can be done unless they physically go and see someone.

Chances are that your back pain and restrictions in life are no where near as bad as Julie’s (yet) – and your transformation will be even easier for us to achieve for you, and will happen much quicker.

There are so many things we can do and treat without using “hands on” therapy. So if you feel like you need help with anything, or if you want advice on how to stay fit and healthy, and let’s face it stay sane at this crazy time, we are here to help! 

If you’d like more info on this, and some easy, actionable tips you can use now to start easing your back pain. Visit our back pain page on our website where you can find more info on how to get relief and also download our free back pain guide. If you prefer to speak, connect with us on 0208 788 7804 or email us on info@bodiesunderconstruction.com and tell us what’s going on.

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Leslie Abrahams