Wanting to have an injury free summer of Running………..Read on!

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by Mike Davis. Senior Physiotherapist, Berkshire Clinics With the sun finally deciding to show up again this may have inspired you to dust off those running shoes………but are you physically prepared for pounding the streets or hitting the trails again? The good news is that you can avoid those frustrating running injuries……….provided you are properly…

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Top 5 tips when buying new running trainers!

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Thinking of buying some new running trainers soon? Give these tips a read before you head to the shop!

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The 6 best ways to improve your running technique whilst staying injury free!

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Want to know the best ways to improve your running technique and beat those PB’s whilst staying injury free?

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How to start an exercise routine

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Looking to start the new year off in the right direction but not too sure how? Read on to find out how best to start an exercise routine

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Winter Training

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What does it mean to be ski-fit, are you ski-fit and does it really matter? If you are preparing to hit the slopes for the first time in a while be sure to give this blog a read to make sure you are physically prepared!

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Is running bad for my knees?

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Hi, this is Mike here from the clinics in Bracknell and Windsor. Here is a common question I get asked in clinic. “Is running bad for my knees?”…….. and the short answer is……NO! In fact there is increasing evidence that with regular running, the body adapts by strengthening muscles, ligaments and tendons which helps to…

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