Is running bad for my knees?

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Hi, this is Mike here from the clinics in Bracknell and Windsor. Here is a common question I get asked in clinic. “Is running bad for my knees?”…….. and the short answer is……NO! In fact there is increasing evidence that with regular running, the body adapts by strengthening muscles, ligaments and tendons which helps to keep the knee joints healthy compared to people with more sedentary lifestyles.

Arthritis Research UK confirm that there is no link between running and knee osteoarthritis, the degenerative joint condition that causes pain. There is now a growing body of research that suggest that running offers the best protection for joints.

A 21 year study at Stanford University, California which tracked nearly 1,000 running club members and non-runners found no difference in the state of their knees at the end of the research.

A word of caution though……anyone who launches themselves in to a marathon after doing minimal training will not be immune from potential injury-gradual increase in mileage is essential!!

Top tip – Follow the 10% rule – Always check your weekly training volume and try and stick to a maximum 10 % increase-so if you are doing 10 miles in total this week then next week add another mile following the 10 % rule.

If you would like any further advice on training tips or any other advice relating to running please do get in touch with us here at Bodies Under Construction and we’d be happy to help.

If you’d like more info on this, and some easy, actionable tips you can use now to start running better. We have a free Running Tips report guide available. Connect with us at our Berkshire Clinics on 01344 489 398 or 01753 866 274.

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Leslie Abrahams