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A study conducted at the University of Barcelona was able to show that organic tomatoes contain higher levels of polyphenols than conventional tomatoes. Polyphenols are natural plant antioxidants that are of great nutritional value because by eating them the risk of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases may be reduced, as well as some forms of cancer.

The researchers put this down to the fact that conventional farming uses nitrogenous fertilizers. Organic farming does not use these fertilizers and this means the plant itself has to mount its own defence mechanisms to protect itself and it does so by increasing the level of antioxidants. The more an organic plant is under pressure, the more beneficial polyphenols it produces.

For this reason it is best to eat tomatoes that are fully ripened. You will still benefit from these antioxidants if you have organic ketchup or organic tomato juice!

Anna Vallverdu-Queralt A et al. Evaluation of a Method to Characterize the Phenolic Profile of Organic and Conventional Tomatoes. J Ag Food Chem 2012, 69 (13) 3373.



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