Blueberry salad with jalapeno dressing


Entertaining this weekend? Why not try this easy to make and delicious salad. It’s sure to impress! As well as being delicious, this salad has been created by Nutritionist Fleur Borrelli so it’s super healthy as well. Double win! Blueberry salad with jalapeno dressing This is a great lunch time salad for one or two…

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Week 1 #MarchMATness

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This month we are taking part in #MarchMATness. Each day of the month corresponds to a mat exercise from the classical pilates repertoire. This is BUC’s first week, featuring our director Leslie Abrahams! Post your own Instagram videos using the hashtags! If you’re not already following us on Instagram you can find us @bucphysio. Don’t…

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#MarchMATness (a little extra)


If you have been following our Instagram you will know that we are powering ahead with #March MAtness 2016 and we are loving it! We thought we would give ourself a challenge and upgrade to the advanced syllabus for a little extra at the end of the week. Here is our director Leslie Abrahams doing…

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Five ways to avoid harmful food packaging

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A top tip from our wonderful Nutritionist Fleur Borrelli

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Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

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The second in our series of mini posts about Acupuncture, it’s benefits and how it can help you.

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Have a look around!

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We wanted to take you on a little tour of our practice in Chiswick! Featuring: Our lovely receptionists Nikki and Lucy and two of our Pilates instructors Magdalena and Steph!

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A shout out to some of our blogging heroes

It’s hump day, which is notoriously the slowest day of the week and sometimes even we need a little motivation boost!

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Acupuncture for Treating Pain


This is the first in a series of mini posts about Acupuncture, its benefits and how it can help you.

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Ditch botox, try facial acupuncture!

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New to our practice! Contact Hannah Cooksey on

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Our Healthy Habits

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Lately I have been thinking a lot about my own health routines and wondering if there is anything I could be doing . The more I think about this the more aware I am becoming of the fact that being healthy is a task that should be attributed equally to both body and mind. I am…

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