A shout out to some of our blogging heroes

It’s hump day, which is notoriously the slowest day of the week and sometimes even we need a little motivation boost! We are always reading blogs from other professionals and colleges within the health and wellness industry. This is just a small sample of those bloggers that we admire but we are very grateful to these individuals for continuing to inspire us and we wanted to give a shout out. Check out their blogs they are sure to give you a midweek kickstart.

The Banting Blondes – Now not only is this a fantastic blog with so many great recipes, workouts and posts. One of the lovely Banting Blondes, Julia, actually works with us here in our pilates studio. Thats right! How lucky are we!

Fitness on Toast  – If you don’t already follow this site, you should! There is a reason she has so many followers and we love it!

Helmsley and Helmsley – Good, clean, healthy eating, whats not to like?

The Body Coach – Now we know you have heard of this guy. If you need fitspiration this is your guy!

Greatist – This is just great, Honestly, they really do live up to their namesake! Check it out!

There are so many more, and we will be sure to post them soon! If you have any you want to add pop them into the comments below!



Leslie Abrahams