Easy Ways To Ease The Neck And Shoulder Pain That Keeps You Up Late At Night

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….over the years, almost every patient that walks into our clinic who has been suffering with neck pain, has been doing one of these things…..

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The risk of developing this condition can be increased by external factors, such as the type of sports chosen, training volume and the hardness of the training surface.

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Here at Bodies Under Construction all of our team have vast experience dealing with Total Knee Replacements so if you need any advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The first goal of Physiotherapy rehab is to decrease post-operative pain and swelling. Physiotherapy interventions will include manual and exercise-based therapies. Physiotherapy will aim to restore full range of movement and strength within the early stages of healing.

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WHAT IS RUNNER’S KNEE? (Also known as PFJ syndrome)

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This condition is characterized by pain felt on the inside or behind of the patella with activities that require repetitive bending of the knee. There may be a sensation of crepitus, clicking or grinding and some people report that their knee suddenly gives way.

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Two exciting workshops we have coming up!!

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The Surprising Truth About Osteoarthritis

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Physiotherapists are highly skilled at identifying exactly what is causing your pain and helping you reach the highest level of function.

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3 Most Important Things To Do When You Have Knee Pain…..

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…Knee pain is one of the most common things we see in the clinic this time of the year! People walk more and are generally more active. It’s a condition that whilst common can be treated very effectively.

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“I Get Back Pain During Sit Ups, Am I Doing Something Wrong?”

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And even though sit-ups are one of the most common go-to exercises to get your “abs summer ready” – are they really that effective?

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Back Pain ‘Driving’ You Mad? Tips To Help Alleviate Back Pain While Driving

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If you drive fairly long distances to and from work everyday, if your job requires you to drive long hours, or, if you’re the designated driver in your family – it’s likely you’ve experienced back pain.

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