Monkey Business – Monkey stretch on the Cadillac

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Happy New Year!! Chinese New year that is. As we are starting the year of the Monkey we thought we would focus our blog on the wonderful Monkey stretch. It’s a cheeky little stretch, which looks fairly simple but is a bit of a killer on the old hamstrings. We also have a lovely variation for those who may not be able to complete the full stretch.

The Monkey is great if you want to:

  • Increase mobility of the spine
  • Improve calf and hamstring flexibility

This version uses:

  • Cadillac
  • Push through bar
  • Medium resistance


This is the position you want to find yourself in to start:

CAM01576 (1)Tip: Make sure your hips are directly under your feet and you hands are holding the bar slightly wider than your feet.

Begin to push up the bar by extending your legs:

CAM01577 (1)Tip: You may find the position easier if you keep your focus on your knees

Ta-daa the full stretch:

CAM01579 (1)

As you can see our lovely instructor Steph still has her hips under her feet and has extended her neck keeping her spine long.

If you think going head first into this stretch is going to be tricky for you here are a few good stretches that can help loosen up the hammys before hand:

  • Touching your toes either seated or standing
  • Hamstring stretch using the ladder barrel
  • Hamstring stretch using the Wunda Chair

If you have a stiff body, are pregnant, or have a hamstring injury take a look at this modification:

So thats it, you’ve mastered it! Don’t forget that you might not get it perfect the first time, just keep trying. Also it’s always a good idea to have someone with you the first few times to make sure your lines are spot on.

If you have any questions, email us and we will be sure to reply.

Happy Stretching

BUC =)


Leslie Abrahams