Can online classes still be beneficial to me?

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We have decided to keep online classes as an option, but are they as good as in-person classes? Read on to find out a bit more!

By Hollie Maskell, Physiotherapist

During the pandemic we all became accustomed to a new, virtual way of life. We learnt to live via zoom, and it kept us all connected throughout a very uncertain time. As we are starting to return to “the new normal” we are learning to come back to a more physical way of life, but we have learnt to adapt and bring some things we learnt with us. For example, we loved online classes! During the pandemic we ran multiple daily virtual Pilates classes via zoom, and we loved them so much that we decided to keep a couple around! We have 2 virtual mat Pilates classes, and 1 virtual strength and conditioning class a week.

We know some may be concerned that an online class won’t be as hard or rewarding as in-person, but we are here to tell you the benefits of online classes:

  1. No travel – the fact that you don’t have to travel to the class can mean you are able to fit the class in, and you can still participate even if you are on holiday, or have tested positive for COVID, etc…
  2. No one else but the class instructor watches you – some may find working out in a busy, crowded Pilates studio or gym off-putting with others watching. During an online class, only the instructor watches you, even if there are others in the class so you can feel much more comfortable.
  3. Comfort of your own home – similar to before, some may feel much more comfortable at home, being able to exercise in your usual surroundings.
  4. More time efficient – not having to travel to another destination saves time, and means you will be able to fit your workout in. Whether that be at home, in your hotel room on holiday, in a spare room at work, virtual workouts mean you can do them anywhere that has wifi!

Every Thursday at 10:30am we host a virtual strength and conditioning class. This is aimed at patients who have had previous Physiotherapy, have finished their treatment and want to maintain what they have gained and continue to get stronger. The class targets a combination of upper body, lower body, core and cardio work but changes weekly to keep variety. The benefits of these strength and conditioning classes include:

  1. Helps to maintain gains you have made in your rehabilitation process with your Physiotherapist.
  2. Increasing in strength helps prevent injury reoccurring.
  3. Strengthens bones.
  4. Strengthens muscles.
  5. Helps tone the body.
  6. The class is Physio-led meaning the instructor can help with any ached/pains during the class and adjust accordingly.

We also have online mat classes running on a Wednesday at 9:40am with Neha and Sunday at 10am with Nicola. Get in touch with the team on Reception if any of these virtual classes have sparked your interest!

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