Neck – Sitting Stretch and Mobility Series

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If you find yourself sitting for most of the day you may find that you frequently suffer from aches and pains. One way to help relieve these aches and pains is to set some time aside each day to do a series of simple stretches. These stretches are designed so they can be done anywhere – they don’t require any equipment and they wont take up much of your time.

Many people complain of neck and upper shoulder pain. In fact its is one of the most common complaints we see in our practice. Those of us that sit at a desk for long periods of time may find that they tend to adopt a posture where the head is jutted forward rather than floating directly on top of the spine. This posture can cause significant stress and tightness in the back of the neck and top of the shoulders. Just taking a few minutes each day to do the stretches shown in this video will work wonders in releasing any tension created.

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Leslie Abrahams