Nicola is the newest member of our Pilates team and we have really enjoyed having her. So much so that she has taken on more hours with us!

Nicola is a fully accredited Pilates Instructor from Body Arts & Science International (BASI Pilates®), a leading Pilates education academy led by the world renowned Rael Isacowitz.

After graduating in Chemistry in 2004, Nicola became a Project Manager in the banking industry.  During this time she began a regular practice of Pilates; finding it to be an exercise method that brings mental balance and overall wellbeing to a hectic lifestyle and demanding career.
Falling in love with Pilates, Nicola left her desk-based profession and started training to be a Pilates instructor in 2014.  As such, she relates to the many clients who have been impacted by office jobs on the body.  Her personal journey has allowed understanding of movement and postural difficulties, and the commitment and time required to make an improvement.
image2.PNGA self professed ‘Pilates Nerd’, Nicola enjoys nothing more than sharing her enthusiasm for Pilates with others; helping clients reach their goals and seeing them leave their class feeling invigorated, with a smile on their face!
Nicola is available for sessions on:
Mondays: 9:30am-4:00pm
Sundays: 9:00am-2:00pm
Call our fabulous reception team to book!
Leslie Abrahams