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Meet Some Of Our Past Patients And Hear Their Stories...

Meet Greg

I suffered a fall, whilst skiing in the Alps. Fractured my tibia, luxated my patella and also sprained my ankle - a helicopter ride, emergency surgery, time in a wheelchair and that's when Bodies Under Construction took over. They assess each individual and their injuries and work with them on a one-to-one basis. If it wasn't for that very unique approach I wouldn't be here today. So tomorrow, 140 miles, 15,000 feet of climbing and I look forward to it thanks to everyone at Bodies under Construction.

Greg Mid 40's, Chiswick

Meet Maria

I was going to Physiotherapy at another clinic for over a month and it wasn't doing anything because if it was hurting they didn't have me do anything at all, just ice it and it was just really, really frustrating. When I came to Bodies Under Construction they showed me that I could still do things with my knee if I just learned how to do them properly and they showed it was just a symptom of a bigger issue and I really appreciated that, the holistic perspective. I feel like I can finally lift again. I’m back to the gym and I'm stronger and happier than when I walked in to see them initially.

Maria Mid 30's, Putney

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