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We understand that choosing the right health professional is important to you.

Here is our commitment to you:

  • You will receive professional, friendly, courteous service.
  • Only programs that will benefit your wellness and recovery will ever be recommended.
  • Your investment in our programs will always be rewarded with exceptional quality.
  • Our programs will help you towards achieving your goal.
  • As you refer your family and friends to us you can be assured that they will also receive Our Commitment, so you can feel good about referring.

We take our commitment to your wellness seriously. In the unlikely event of you not being satisfied with any individual session, please let us know immediately. We’ll do our best to rectify the situation. We will stick our necks out and offer you a full refund of the session.

What to expect at your initial consult

  • Your initial consultation will be at least 45min long.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your session so you can fill out the required paperwork
  • We’ll do an assessment of your problem and if appropriate an initial diagnosis will be made.
  • The therapist will inform you of the various ways your injury can be treated and recommend a treatment plan going forward.
  • There is usually time for the treatment to start in your initial session. During the initial session the therapist may discuss exercise therapy which may include aqua therapy, gym based exercise or using the large Pilates equipment for rehabilitation work in future sessions. If you have any GP/Consultant letters, MRI scans etc. concerning your complaint, please bring these with you, as it is important that the therapist is aware of any previous treatment.
  • Wear something that you are comfortable in.
  • Bear in mind that you may be required to remove certain items of clothing based on where your injury is. We are able to provide disposable shorts and will always use towels to protect your modesty where necessary.

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